Epos solutions in Cardiff

At ECR Concepts Software Ltd in Cardiff, our team is able to offer you top advice for your EPOS solutions

Have questions about EPOS, or a solution for your business?

Q. Are these EPOS solutions expensive?
A. Our solutions are competitively priced, with finance solutions available to spread the cost.
Q. How long does an EPOS installation take?
A. A typical installation with training will take between 2-3 days.
Q. Will my staff be able to use the technology?
A. The touch screen point of sale is designed for ease of use. Your staff will become proficient quickly.
Q. Can I use my banker's credit card machines?
A. Yes. Integrated chip and pin can be added later if required.
Q. Will I be supported if I have a problem?
A. Yes. Our team of experts is available 365 days a year.24 / 7, 365. We have a dedicated support ticket system so that nothing is forgotten.
    Remote access as required direct to your tills.
Q. How does this improve customer loyalty?
A. Our solution allows you to report on individual customer purchases, identify key customers and promote value added products at point of purchase.
Q. Can I have different colours?
A. Absolutely.
Q. Will it pay for itself?
A. By being able to manage your products carefully, you can promote best sellers, discontinue poor sellers, reduce stock and advance purchase seasonal stock based on historical trends.
Q. What do I do next?
A. Call our support team to discuss your individual requirements, and we'll do the rest!

Q. Do you supply contactless chip and pin?
A. Yes. Fully integrated contactless PCI DSS compliant.

Q. Do you supply member cards?
A. Yes. fully branded smart or magnetic cards are produced to order.

Q. Do you supply standard cash registers?
A. Yes. We have a range of modern cash registers from Sharp and Casio.

Q. Can I finance or lease the solution?
A. Yes. Subject to approval we offer finance and lease rental options.

Q. Is your solution cloud based?
A. We have both cloud based and server based solutions using Android and Windows platforms.              

Q. Can I view the solution before I commit?
A. Yes. We have showroom displaying the latest solutions. We can also come to your location for a no obligation presentation.

We can answer all your questions on point of sale systems and solutions, just call ECR Concepts Software on
0800 389 7499
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